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Clothing & Regalia

CLOTHING - Meetings.

Freemasons in Queensland adopt a dress code that varies from summer to winter. Here at Unity Lodge we wear black leather shoes, black trousers, white long sleeved dress shirt, and a black bow tie and cummerbund during the summer months. During the winter months members have the option of combining the above with a white mess (Eton) jacket or a black dinner suit. However, at our installation meeting in June each year members of Unity Lodge taking office must also wear black dinner suits and white dress gloves.

This dress code is important to us for many reasons and also to ensure that the standards of our organisation are maintained.

CLOTHING - Ceremonial.

It is usual for candidates to wear ceremonial clothing for part of their induction ceremonies. This clothing, which is modest, is provided by the Lodge and is freshly laundered. It's meaning is explained during the course of the ceremony and includes outer garments and ceremonial shoes. Whilst it is "different", rest assured that all Masons through-out the world, irrespective of their station in life or occupation, have gone through these ceremonies.

As a candidate progresses he will be entitled and expected to wear an apron showing his progress within the lodge. These aprons are shown below. The Lodge provides the Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft apron to the candidate for his use at meetings and for a short time after he becomes a Master Mason. He is then expected to purchase his own apron. These aprons are made from leather and usually last a lifetime - some even being handed down from father to son. The Past Master's apron shown below has seen over 45 years of service.

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