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  • Unity Lodge meets every third Thursday of the month excepting January, June and December

Tyling at 7:30 p.m.

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What Freemasonry Means To Us.

Being a Free Mason means that we strive to live our lives 'on the level' with everyone. It also means that we do our utmost to deal 'on the square' with those around us. This means that you don't just tolerate diversity but that we will do our best to embrace it.

We feel that Masonic wisdom is as revelant in modern society as it was in the time of King Solomon. The world is evolving at an ever increasing pace and we believe we have much to offer men of good character wishing to become actively involved in securing a safe and moral environment.

  • Originally consecrated as Unity Lodge No. 1236 S.C. on 16th. July, 1920
  • Re-consecrated as Unity Lodge 300, U.G.L.Q. on 20th. March, 1925
  • Foundation Master becomes the first District Grand Master of North Queensland
  • Subsequently becomes Grand Master of Queensland for a record term
  • Foundation member Sir Arthur Fadden serves as 13th Prime Minister of Australia


Freemasonry accepts men of all faiths.

We strive to make good men better

Weekly Events

Monday February 19

D.G.L. Executive Meeting 9:00 a.m.

Northern Travellers No. 384 Meeting.

J.S. Popham Conclave No.7 Practice.

Tuesday February 20

Wednesday February 21

Charters Towers Lodge No. 23 Meeting.

Townsville R.A.C. No. 104 Meeting.

Thursday February 22

Bethlehem Conclave No. 9 Meeting

Proserpine Whitsunday No. 251 Practice.

Friday February 23

District Grand Lodge is hosting an open Scouts Meeting. Guests are requested to be seated by 6:45 p.m.

Saturday February 24

Mylne Lodge No. 61 Meeting.

Bowen 131 33 Degree.

Rockingham Bay Rose Croix Meeting in Tully

Sunday February 25

Latest News

Unity Lodge returned early from recess

Brethren, Unity Lodge returned early from our Christmas - New Year recess. The Wor. Master, Officers and Brethren wish each and every one of you all the best for the 2018 Masonic year.

Owing to the large workload ahead of the Lodge this year we returned a month early with Practice on Monday, 15th January followed by a Meeting on Thursday, 18th January. This has allowed us to affiliate many Brethren into Unity Lodge and perform a double Second Degree at our February Meeting.

Our March Meeting will be a Third Degree followed by a First Degree in April.

University Students

Full time University students are invited to enquire about our reduced membership fees by enquiring through our contact page on this web site.

Date Claimers 2018
  • Open Scout's night hosted by D.G.L. - Wednesday, 23rd February.
  • G.L. Quarterly - Wednesday, 7th March in B'ne.
  • D.G.L. Quarterly - Wednesday, 14th March.
  • D.G.L. Proclamation - Saturday, 19th May.
  • Masonic Debutante Ball - Saturday, 9th June.
  • Unity Lodge Installation - Saturday, 16th June.

D.G.L. takes delivery of a new bus.


District Grand Lodge has recently purchased a new 12 seater bus for the use of Brethren in this district. Enquires regarding the hire of the bus by Lodges may be made through the District Grand Secretary's Office. Conditions apply.

Unity Lodge acknowledges the kind co-operation of V.Wor. Bro. Les Gist of Supreme Automotive Centre, Townsville in providing this photograph of the newly decaled bus.

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